This is the page where I will post all my FanFictions and their spin offs. 

How To Train Your Dragon Fan Fictions  

The Gene Corp War Series 

The Gene Corp War

The Dragon Riders of Berk and the other tribes of the Barbaric Archipelago must forge an inter-dimensional alliance with the American People's Party and it's Allies in the Coalition to defeat Gene Corp, a genetic corporation hell-bent on overthrowing the American government using a weapon codenamed "Project Titan"'s way too long to post here)

The Gene Corp War: Aftermath 

In the aftermath of the Gene Corp War, Barnes and Samantha prepare themselves for parenthood as Night Furies with the help of the dragon riders and their friends.

Coming Soon!

The Archipelago Wars 

Taking place four years after the end of the Gene Corp War, the Viking Tribes and the United States along with it's allies in the Coalition now face a new threat as the Outcasts return while another force prepares to make it's first move and set the Barbaric Archipelago ablaze with war.

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The Great War(Current On-Going Work)

Act One

11 Months after the conclusion of the Archipelago Wars, the Second Gene Corp War is now in full motion as the Coalition launches it's counter-attack against Gene Corp and the Roman Empire. However unbeknownst to either side, the conflict is about to escalate even further.

Act Two

Coming Soon!

The Human-Combine Wars(Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, and Empires Crossover) 

Book One: Escalation 

In this chilling alternate reality, the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two result in an all-out multi-dimensional war between two human alliances and the Combine over the universes of HL2, L4D, TF2, Empires, and now the Isotx Verse. 

The Nucleus Project

The year is 2024 and humanity is at war with itself and the Combine Empire and at the forefront of this war is the Alliance's Trans-Dimensional Joint Task Force(TDJTF)

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon and Possible Future Works!

The Human-Combine Wars: Book Two - Isotx's War 

Coming Soon!

Human-Combine Wars: Spin-Offs

Coming Soon! 

The Struggle of Nations 

HTTYD crossover with the Isotx Verse that will eventually merge into the Human-Combine Wars. Primarily focusing on the POVs of the HTTYD characters and OCs from both the Federal Republic of Isotx and the Eastern Empire.  

Further Installments in the Gene Corp War Series 

I do not intend for the Archipelago Wars to be the last installment in the Gene Corp War Series and are considering ideas for the next installment and future ones, one of the latter including a possible crossover with the Human-Combine Wars. 

World of Tanks Fan Fictions

I have considered several possible ideas for a World of Tanks Fan Fiction series, but whenever or not I'll go through with it remains to be decided. One of the ideas being a Team Fortress 2 crossover. 

Kung Fu Panda - Isotx Verse Series 

I think I might have found a suitable plot  

World War

Follow up saga to the Gene Corp Wars focusing on the Isotx Verse Second World War between the Federal Republic of Isotx and the Eastern Eastern and the Coalition's involement and eventual intervention. Possible KFP and HTTYD Crossover.

Kung Fu Panda - Coalition Verse Series

A possible crossover between the Coalition Verse and the KFP Universe taking place in the early 2080s.

Cancelled/Scrapped(Does not mean they could be revived in the future) 

HTTYD-Kung Fu-Isotx Verse Series 

I considered and attempted I believe at least four times to make a HTTYD and Kung Fu Panda Crossover with the Isotx Verse with the HTTYD and KFP characters being on opposing sides of the war. But could never find a storyline I was comfortable with, so I scrapped it. However this served as the basis of the Struggle of Nations, which originally was going to have KFP characters on the Eastern Imperial side. I think the main thing that killed this series is that I tried putting the KFP characters in the Isotx Verse, but could never find a way to justify doing so. 

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