Information  Edit

Production and Service Background Edit

  • Type: Main Battle Tank/Medium Tank 
  • Place of Origin: United States  
  • In Service: 2051-Present(Subject to change)  
  • Designer: American People's Military Industries(APMI)  
  • Designed: 2047-2050  
  • Manufacturer(s):
    • Cairo Tank Plant  
    • Cape Girardeau Tank Plant  
    • Belmont APMSF Tank Plant(2051-2068)  
  • Unit Cost: $8.04Million USD(M7A6)  
  • Produced: 2050-Present  
  • Number Built: >5,000  
  • Operator(s): American People's Military and it's branches 
  • Variants: See Variants Section  

Specifications(M7A6) Edit

  • Crew: 3(Commander, Gunner, and Driver)
  • Armor: Kletonium; Armor thickness classified
  • Main Armament: APMI 130mm Smoothbore gun or Medium Railgun
  • Secondary Armament: Pulse machine guns, heavy machine guns, miniguns, and flamethrowers
  • Defenses: Active-point defense system, electrified reactive armor, electronic counter-measures, and smoke dischargers
  • Powerplant: Miniaturized fission reactor generating 50,000 watts
  • Top Speed: 45 MPH

Short History Edit

The M7 Enforcer was first designed in 2047 as the American People's Military began to gear for the now inevitable global confrontation with the nations of the Second Axis to replace the venerable Schwartzkopf and Abrams tanks in APM Service, however due to delays in producing a functional prototype, the M7's entry into service was delayed until 2051 when the Clan Wars was now in full-motion and was rushed into service to face the new generation of MBTs being deployed by the Axis nations where it quickly proved itself to be a capable fighting machine alongside the Megathon Mark II, becoming the new backbone of the APM's tank fleet. By the end of the Clan Wars in 2059, the M7 Enforcer was considered to be the best tank in the world and was continuously being upgraded by its crews to make it an even more effective fighting machine and once again proved itself in World War III against Russian T-105 and French Leclerc IV MBTs.

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