Not to be confused with the early Populist Party , The American People's Party(APP) is the primary political party of the United States in the Coalition Universe and possesses it's own paramilitary armed branch, the American People's Military(APM). 

Basic Information

  • Ideology: Socialist Democratic; Militarist 
  • Leader(s): President Blake Emmond(Early), President Reaper(Mid), President Garter(Gene Corp War), President Paxton Fettel(Human-Combine Wars) 
  • Headquarters: Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Population: >100,000
  • Tactics: Technologically Advanced, Brute Force, Combined Arms
  • Formed: April 2013 


The Founding of the Party  

In the Feburary of 2013, the Second American Civil War was now into it's second year as the Republican and Democratic Parties fought each other for control of the country, tearing entire states and families apart in it's wake. However the states of Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa remained neutral, acting as safe havens for the hordes of the refugees fleeing from the destruction of the war and putting great strain on their economies, so the governor of Missouri invited delgates from both the Republican and Democrats to meet in the town of Cape Girardeau for peace talks to reunite the country. But unfortunately these peace talks quickly collapse as neither parties were able to come to an agreement and refused to compromise leading to both walking out of the talks leaving behind disechanted moderates, the representatives of several smaller political parties, and both state and local officials. Later that night this group met again in the Common Pleas Courthouse of Cape Girardeau and shortly afterwards, the American's People Party was born as moderate bipartisan party with self-proclaimed President Blake Emmond as it's leader. 

Early Conflicts with the "Old" Parties and the Formation of the People's Militia. 

As news of the APP's creation spread, both Republicans and Democrats were quick to dimiss as another minor party, quite commonly mocking it's members who they saw as poorly educated farmers and low income workers, quickly angering many of the APP's members as they realized they weren't being taken seriously. However the main spark came in the March of 2013 when it was discovered that "recruitment" agents from both the Democratic and Republican Parties were infiltrating the borders of the neutral states and kidnapping refugees to force them to serve in their militaries as conscripts since the heavy fighting across the country was beginning to severly deplete their forces. In reaction, an angry President Emmond warned both the Democrats and the Republicans of the consequences if they continued this practice and was prompetly ignored, infuriating him even more while generating a serious feeling of hatred for them amongst the population of the neutral states leading to Emmond authorizing the creation of APP's armed branch, the American's People Militia to protect refugees from the "old" parties' agents, consisting mainly of veterans, deserters from both parties, venegful refugees, and volunteers who armed themselves with surplus military and civilian weaponry. However both the Republican and Democratic parties scoffed at the APM and continued their practice of kidnapping refugees, quickly leading to a serious of incidents between their agents and the APM, but the last spark came in Ste. Genieve in late April when a APM patrol encountered a group of Republican agents attempting to smuggle a group of drugged refugees across the Mississippi River to Illinois, the patrol immediately ordered the agents to release the refugees and surrender, but instead came under fire immediately drawing the attention of other nearby APM groups who converged on the area and killed most of the agents. When news of this incident reached the ears of Republican officials, they were outraged and immediately demanded the APP disband the APM and allow their recruitment agents to freely enter the neutral states or face military action, but Emmond refused, knowing that the Democrats would see making a deal with the Republicans an as act of war and immediately ordered the APM to begin entrenching itself along the Mississippi River. 


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Science and Technology

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