Not to be confused with the early Populist Party , The American People's Party(APP) is the primary political party of the United States in the Coalition Universe and possesses it's own paramilitary armed branch, the American People's Military(APM). 

Basic Information

  • Ideology: Socialist Democratic; Militarist 
  • Leader(s): President Blake Emmond(Early), President Reaper(Mid), President Garter(Gene Corp War), President Paxton Fettel(Human-Combine Wars) 
  • Headquarters: Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Population: >100,000
  • Tactics: Technologically Advanced, Brute Force, Combined Arms
  • Formed: April 2013 

Short History

In 2012, the world economy took a near fatal blow when the NYSE crashed and the marked the beginning of a new Great Depression, which was only made worst when the Republican and Democratic Parties refused to work together to end the depression and deepened a already deep chasm between the two parties eventually resulting in the total collapse of the federal government as both parties turned to violence and intimidation to push their agendas sparking off a Second American Civil War. In the April of 2013, one of three neutral states, Missouri invitied delegates of both parties along with those from the largest third parties to peace talks in the Common Pleas Courthouse of Cape Girardeau, MO. However these peace talks rapidly collasped as neither party was willing to compromise and eventually ended with both parties' deglates walking out leaving behind a large group of dissatisfied moderates and third party delegates, one of these delegates, being Blake Emmonds, who rallied this group together to create a new party, the American People's Party, with it's primary belief being that the United States could not be united until both the Republican and Democratic parties were permanetly disbanded and eventually it was the APP who reunited the United States under it's banner, becoming the sole political party of the United States. 


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