The Human-Combine Wars is one of my main FanFiction series featuring the universes of Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, and the HL2 mod, Empires along with the Coalition and Isotx Verses. 


This series originally started as a series of Garry's Mod Artwork originally called "The War", however when I realized there was a WWII book and documentary of the same name I changed it to the "Human-Combine Wars".


The Human-Combine Wars take place in a alternate universe where the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two lead to the outbreak of a massive multi-dimension war between the forces of the Alliance, Ontario Pact, and the Combine Empire over the L4D, TF2, HL2, and Empires Universes along with the Isotxian Universe and eventually the Coalition Universe. 

The Major Factions

Gm flatgrass0050

The TDJTF out in force.

The Alliance 

Earth Empire

  • Government: Federal Republic
  • Head of State: President Brando Douglas 
  • Home Universe: Earth Verse(Alternate HL2 Universe)
  • Doctrine: Shock and Awe 

Brenodi Empire "The Empire"

  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy 
  • Head of State: Empress Bertha 
  • Home Universe: Brenodi Universe(Empires Universe)
  • Doctrine: Combined Arms

Reliable Exavation and Demolition(RED)

  • Government: Corporate
  • Head of State: CEO Miss Pauling 
  • Home Universe: Mann Verse(TF2 Universe)
  • Doctrine: Uncoventional Warfare 

Commonwealth of Isotx

  • Government: Federal Republic
  • Head of State: Prime Minister Omerson Vincent 
  • Home Universe: Isotx Verse
  • Doctrine: Combined Arms 

Lambda Resistance

  • Government: Resistance Movement
  • Head of State: None
  • Home Universe: Black Mesa Verse(Original HL2 Universe)
  • Doctrine: Guerilla Warfare 

The United States of America(Coalition Verse)

  • Government: Semi-Autocratic Republic 
  • Head of State: President Reaper(Early), President Paxton Fettel
  • Home Universe: Coalition Verse
  • Doctrine: Technologically Advanced Brute Force 

The Ontario Pact "The Pact" 

Gm construct0004

Faces of The Pact.

Builder's League United(BLU)

  • Government: Autocracy 
  • Head of State: The Ubermensch 
  • Home Universe: Mann Verse
  • Doctrine: Unconventional Warfare 

The Northern Faction "The Northern Rebels"

  • Government: Autocracy
  • Head of State: General's Council
  • Home Universe: Brenodi Universe
  • Doctrine: Head and Run Tactics 

The Eastern Empire

  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy 
  • Head of State: Emperor Newman the XIII 
  • Home Universe: Isotx Verse
  • Doctrine: Overwhelming Brute Force 

Emp streetsoffire0001

The Combine Deathwatch in action

The Combine Empire

  • Government: Multi-Dimensional Alien Empire
  • Head of State: "The Overlord" 
  • Home Universe: Unknown
  • Doctrine: Brute Force 

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway claim ownership of the intelluctal properties owned by Valve or the Empires mod team. 

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